“Everyone needs a Lianne in their life!”

My mission is to help you feel confident that you are showing up authentically and intentionally online, building an engaged community and attracting your ideal clients. 

I am super passionate about helping others and creating a ripple effect of change in the process. From a long career supporting homeless young people to running a successful virtual assistant business, my desire to help you achieve your goals is super important to me. 

As a business owner, your needs are unique, so I’ve created services that can be done for you or with you.

The corporate world wasn’t for me. Feeling like a tiny cog in a massive wheel, I left London for University in the seaside town of Brighton to study for an English Language degree.

⚡Fun fact # 1: My final year 10,000 word dissertation was about the history of words for being intoxicated

After I graduated, I started working part-time at the local YMCA, in their youth advice centre. I went from receptionist to housing advisor to leading my own team of volunteers and setting up a successful project supporting young homeless people to secure private rented accommodation. This project was recognised and shared as best practice by a large UK homeless charity.

In 2015, I moved to Singapore and set up my own virtual assistant business, Bright Virtual Services. Utilising my huge range of organisation and people skills with some admin magic, I built a business where 100% of my clients have been recommended by word of mouth. Through this incredibly successful business, I have helped over 60 small business owners (and counting…) get organised, feel less overwhelmed and have a better work/life balance. 

“Lianne is more than just a font of technical know how (which she truly is) she’s incredibly kind and patient. Her intuition, her foresight into what I needed to have done took away the stress and enabled me to concentrate on other tasks. She’s also a working mum, and when you know….you know!! Thank you Lianne, you’re my tech saviour and Canva guru.”

Lexi – You Can With Keto

Over the years, I have been honing my talent for design and writing, so now I’m offering services that light my fire: copywriting and content creation.

My diverse skill set and experience enable me to provide you with a one-of-a-kind, value-added service; I see the bigger picture, so I can tie up loose ends, helping you to be more efficient. I love being organised and I just can’t help but get stuck into your business, joining the dots to help you become more streamlined. I guess you could call me a Content OBM (Online Business Manager- if you haven’t heard the lingo before 😉).

You can now find me living in the beautiful Portuguese city of Lisbon with my husband, our 5-year-old daughter, and our pooch. I love movies, exploring new places, street art, crafting, sewing, cocktails, bright colours, and spicy food. 🌶️

⚡Fun fact #2: I love movies so much that I worked in a cinema, met my husband in one and got married in one too

I’m part woo woo, believing whole-heartedly that what you give you get back, and part pragmatic, recognising the importance of planning and being organised. I am on a continual journey of learning about myself, with humour and compassion. I love a self-help book or podcast to listen to on my dog walks. 

I love working with business owners who are equally passionate about making a difference through the services they offer. My ideal client is open to ideas, wants to collaborate to achieve the best outcomes, doesn’t have a huge ego and has a sense of humour. 

Is that you? Do you want to work with me?

My name is Lianne and I’m addicted to learning

I am a course addict, 🤓 which is a bonus for you! I use my newly gained knowledge to help you and your business, as well as mine, saving you loads of time. #winning!